Fifty Glorious Years of St Xavier’s Doranda (1960 – 2010)

The first ray of the sun on 30th January 2010 will see the starting of the celebrations of the golden jubilee year of St Xavier’s Doranda, a school run by the Jesuit fathers who have always been active in the field of education through out the world. The school imparts quality education to all irrespective of caste creed and religion.

A school is generally known as a man making institutions where students acquire an all round development of the personality through the assistance of able and experienced teachers. In St Xavier’s Doranda great care is taken to provide every facility to give a proper environment to mould a child’s mind in a right direction making him a courageous compassionate and a complete man.

It has produced many gallants spreading its glory every where. The roots of the present lie in the past and so to the past we must look for the understanding of the present. We must look back to the years, where the struggle went on and scaffold of the prestigious institution was formed. The glorious fifty years started with the humble beginning. Standing on the bank of the shining river going down the memory lane one can recall the history decision taken by the then provincial father Crick to start an English medium school in Doranda. It was a very small step towards a big cause.

In 1959 October, a proposal was put forth to Fr V Tucker, the then headmaster of St John’s High School, by the high authorities of HEC and NCDC about the probability of having a Senior Cambridge school in Doranda. Father A. Delporte was appointed as the first Principal of the school. The admissions were taken in St John’s as there was no building. The classes were held under the trees and in the rooms of a rented house called the WHITE HOUSE, which they got after a great struggle on 18 Jan 1960 and 20th Jan the first regular class started. Such was the promptness and dedication of those great stalwarts. This White House stood where now the residence of Father’s stands.

A year after that in 1961, the blue bus showed on the road driven by Father Norman and since then there was no stopping for St Xavier’s Doranda. Years went rolling by and under the prudent guidance, of the scholarly Jesuits the school has shed its lights globally all around the world.

Time went by and over the period many principals came:

1962 – Father Tant took over as a first superior and Principal.
1963 – Father Victor Tucker, a legendry figure was made the principal. He achieved the 5 Acres of land where the Senior Section stands now and moved his office there. He also flagged-off the Green Bus.
1964 –The four houses the Green, Blue, Red and Yellow were formed.
– Father ROSNER started the school paper “ENDEAVOUR”
1965 - The first school Fete was held. It was a roaring success and an amount of Rs 1200 was raised and as St Xavier’s motto is “Service before Self” half of the money was sent to Prime Minister’s Fund for Jawans.
1966 – The first batch of 7 students appeared for ISC exams and as a result of diligent effort of the teachers and students; there were 5 first division and 2 second division.
1967 – Library was setup by Mr A. B. Hawley
1968 – The new Hall to the west of primary section came up
1969 - Father George Karakunnel took charge as Principal.
1973 - Father Tant came back and took charge of the primary section. The school switched over to ICSE (Indian Certification of Secondary Education) from ISC (Cambridge Syllabus) and 10th became the last standard instead of 11th.
1974 – Father Tant left a journey of the great scholar and reformer came to an end on 24th June. The school mourned but didn’t lose heart. Sister Christine Marie from Asha Nivas Convent took over as Head Mistress of Primary Section.
1976 - The new building of the primary section which came up with the help of MECON and Father Delporte’s untiring efforts was blessed by Archbishop Pius Kerketta and classes from Prep to STD V were held there.
- In the same year the new canteen was started by Ayyappa on the primary section premises and became the most haunted place by all.
- Old boys association was revived by Mr. P. B. Nagananda and many joined to help their Alma-mater.
1977 – The fist Science Exhibition was put up by the senior section, under the able guidance of Mr Hira Prasad, Mr Cherian, Mr Tantubay and Mrs Krishnamurthy.
- Primary Section was not left behind it put its first Art & Craft Exhibition
1978 – Farther George thought that motherly touch was essential for the little boys, so he brought J M J sisters to manage the primary section and sister Theresa and sister Mercy took up this assignment.
1982- Father Joseph Lombart became the new principal and father Ajay Soreng took charge as Vice Principal.
1984 – A Four storied building the jubilee wing including a library Audio Visual room, staff room and a large indoor games room on the top was planned and was gradually built and thus the school completed its 25 years of glory.
1986 – Father E Baxla took over as principal a good orator and organizer, he was a ever ready to help the staffs and students.
1990 – Father Joseph Lakra came as a new principal under his guidance school sailed smoothly
1999 – Father Jonckeere the then superior became the acting principal for a short period.

2000 – Father James Lakra took charge as principal, Father Ajit Xess was then the vice Principal.

- The Millennium inspired the management and the Plus 2 section with standard 11th and 12th started. Those classes brought some change as that section was Co-Ed with the girls in the campus the boisterous boys had to sober down.

- Father James Lakra, was very much interested in totality and his holistic thoughts brought different labs like Math’s, English Language and Multimedia into being. To the four houses, 3 more houses The Violet, Orange and White were added and expanded to 7 houses.

The school did not shy away from its responsibilities towards the society with the combined efforts of Father James Lakra and Father Jonckeere the “Outreach” program started. The project is committed to uplift the literacy rate of the targeted groups to help them learn and grow to live well. It educates the underprivileged, drop-outs and helps them to come back to the main stream and also helps them in self employment. The school is trying hard and has reached a target, about 70 students have already passed the class X and 50 students Class XII.

2006- Father Ajit Xess a dynamic young man with vision and eyes on future took over as principal and under his able guidance the school has seen the growth in both academics and sports and will see greater glory and reach greater heights in future.

Last but not the least, school keeps on up scaling their strength in all the fields like
• Up-scaling of the Infrastructure
• Up-Scaling of Teacher-Parents relationship
• Up grading the skill of Teachers.
• Adoption of new teaching techniques
• Enabling the technology for the better and accurate operations.
• Bridging up the gaps to achieve the futuristic need of the school and students.
• Focus on Innovation

2010 – The golden jubilee years dawns with the golden dream in the hearts of all the students of St Xavier’s, this golden jubilee speaks volumes for the 50 long years of dedication and devotion of the teachers, parents and students without whom the dream would not have been possible. We must comprehend the thoughts of the founders and embody the vision which they have cherished. St Xavier’s Doranda has always remained faithful to the teaching of its patrons St Francis Xavier and shall always be in times to come. A Xaverian will always strive for manly virtues and will keep smiling when duty calls him and be always ready to serve any one any where. May the glory of St Xavier’s Doranda spread every where.

Thank you

Fr. Ajit Kumar Xess, S.J.