Fr. Ajit started his teaching career in St. Xavier’s in 1993. After two years he left for his higher studies. In 1999 he was ordained as a priest and soon joined St. Xavier’s as the Vice-Principal. On 1st March 2006 Fr. Ajit Kumar Xess, S.J. took over the reins of Principal ship from Fr. James Lakra, S.J. We take this opportunity to congratulate him on his new post and wish him all the very best for the years ahead.  Fr. Ajit has a genuine concern with regard to the school discipline. As often he says that through discipline everything can be achieved. If we instill discipline in students we will be able to form good human beings.


There is no Magic formula for becoming a genius or scoring high grades but the formation of correct study habits will go a long way to guarantee success. Learning does not just happens as a result of reading or listening; it is the attitude and mental process which promotes learning. Learning is not a passive process of absorbing knowledge; it is an active process of our minds reaching out to seize information and convert them into meaningful ideas.

Fix up your goal, and then run towards it like a strong man with full determination. Nothing stands in the way of a determined man. When you a goal or definite objective in your study, it will encourage you to react to what you read or hear, and therefore, you become an active learner and learn more.

The causes of Low Achievement Time Wasters
  • Unclear Objectives.

  • Failure to Plan.

  • Failure to Set Priorities.

  • Poor Scheduling.

  • Lack of Self-Discipline.

  • Attempting to do too much at one time.

  • Over-Confidence.

  • Lack of Confidence & Unnecessary Tension.

  • Too much Socializing.

  • Unnecessary Discussions.

  • Unwanted Visitors.

  • T.V. and Radio.

  • Telephone Interruptions.

  • Idleness.

  • Day-dreaming

Goal Setting Determination

Fix up your goal.

My goal is to score -----marks. My goal is to get 1st Division. My goal is to come in the merit list. My goal is to get through competitive exam. My goal is to get admission in ----.
Set up a goal before you but the goal that is within your reach, that you can achieve with some effort. Not a goal that is very high, beyond your reach. You know your capabilities. You can certainly improve upon these but still you can't achieve something beyond your capacity. If you fix up a goal too high and don't achieve it, you will be disappointed. You will feel depressed and dejected. Let it not happen to you.

Fix up the goal and make an earnest effort to achieve it.

Focus on achieving the Goal.

Focus on making a dedicated and organized effort towards achieving the Goal.

Have full Determination to achieve your goal. Without determination you don't make full effort and without full effort you can't achieve anything. By making half-hearted effort you will never achieve your goal. When you fix up a goal, it is your commitment to yourself to achieve it. You have to fulfill your commitment, and for that you will have to make an honest effort. When you determine to achieve your goal, you should have a positive attitude.

I can achieve my goal. I can certainly score ---- marks. I am capable of scoring ----- marks.
I will certainly get through ------. I will show to the world I am capable of achieving--------.

With positive attitude your self-confidence increases. When you make an honest effort with self- confidence, you will surely achieve your goal. Positive attitude will increase your Will Power. With positive attitude, will power and determination you will overcome your fears and mental blocks.


Motivation means having a desire to do something. Motivate yourself. Only self-motivation works. To be motivated you first of all need to know exactly what you want to get from your study. To be motivated, you also need to appreciate the value of learning the thing to be learned. If you are highly interested in learning a subject you have to be highly motivated. The more highly you are motivated, the better and faster you will learn.

For good motivation it is desirable to understand the over-all objective of an assignment as well as to have in mind immediate, specific objective. For good motivation you must feel that the assignment before you is very important. We are most interested in learning things that we clearly recognize are important to us.