A gymnasium offers healthy exercise for the boys. Regular PT classes and games are conducted as part of the ordinary schedule. Inter-house games are part of the school curriculum.


A well stocked library is open to the pupils on all class days. It is also supplied with periodicals and magazines and is a veritable treasure house of reference books and encyclopedias. Each class is given a library period where the students are to read the books and make review of them.

Maths Lab

The Maths Lab is for  teaching and learning maths more activity oriented and interesting.


Science Labs

  • For Chemistry Lab : Wearing lab coat is essential.

  • Each student is required to come prepared with the topics assigned for lab work.

  • Breakage if any must be reported to the teacher-in-charge immediately.

  • Perfect silence is to be maintained all the time.

  • Before leaving the lab, see that the work-bench is neat and clean, gas and water taps are closed.

  • Reagent bottles are kept in their proper places.

Easy & Visual Approach

Multimedia projectors are being used to make the subject matter clear and understandable to the students.


Internet & Entertainment

It is an attempt to combine education with entertainment to make education more interesting. Internet facility is made available to the students for exposure to the outside world.


T.V. Labs

For Audio-Visual Presentation especially for English, Maths and Science. The school has established a well furnished TV. Lab with educational cassettes and CDís.


Language Lab

Besides having a good knowledge of the English Language, the students should be able to speak correctly. It will help them in making correct pronunciation.