Name : Ghazala Ward's Name : Arshaldeen Class : Prep 'B' Relation: Mother

Different type of studies, well disciplined school makes child a complete citizen.
Name : Pratima Prasad Ward's Name : Vikesh Gupta Class : 4 'B' Relation : Relative

Child participated in Dandiya and many more events school is very nice development in personality.
Name :  Poonam Sahu Ward's Name : Shivam Class : Prep 'A' Relation : Mother

I am witnessing the sports day. it is just start but I am feeling top of the world. I liked the march past. Every thing is very good.
Name : Rakesh Kumar Ward's Name : Aarav Singh Class : Prep 'A' Relation : Father

Witnessing sports day of my ward is like revisiting my early days. I totally  agree that these sports activity is the most important aspect of personality building. It is a pride for me to see my ward as Xavierian and the moral aspect of this school is supreme.
Name : Franklin Ekka Ward's Name : Rejoice Ekka Class : 2 'C' Relation : Father

DXS is milestone in his children life wants his child to grow with this school and go ahead.
Name : D. Kajur Ward's Name : Jasper Kujur Class : 2 'A' Relation : Relative

School event is very nice should encourage the students. so the children of Jharkhand also grow & go ahead sports as also necessary along with studies we liked the speech of the principal in which all parents are chief guests.
Name : Dipali Amrit Ward's Name : Assem Nitish Class : 4 'A' Relation : Mother

School very nice good discipline maintenance good development in physical activities.
Child participated in dandia grooming & encouraging child in all activities.
Name : Prakash Chhetry Ward's Name : Mandeep Chettry Class : Prep 'B' Relation : Father

Very nice, Excellent Fantastic. Over all good, discipline wise very good. very colourful program.
Name : Pulkit Jain Ward's Name : -- Class : 8 'A' Relation : --

The carnival day is going to be a real bash. I am putting up a stall accompanied by my friends. I hope the Carnival would be to best day of my life. The sports day was also awesome. Xaviers in keeping to spirit of to so successful years.
Name : Deepak Rosario (Head Boy) Ward's Name : -- Class : 12 'C' Relation : --

Sports day in Xaviers means a great event for school. It was a great moment when complete school participated and showed great enthusiasm for it. It is a moment of pride as young talents came up and later became the part in creating Xavierís future in fields of sports. Sports, a medium of overall development, plays a crucial role in building life of a student.
Name : Aditya Vikram Ward's Name : -- Class : 10 'A' Relation : --

I am performing in the Battle of Bands. My band name is Affinity. I am very eager for these days.
Name : Paras Nath Munda Ward's Name : -- Class : 9 C Relation : --

I am very eager for the day of carnival. I am putting up a stall consisting of games of bucket ball and so on. About the sports day, it was full of events and also very interesting.
Name : Chhaya Lonia Ward's Name : Vanshaj Lonia Class : 3 'B' Relation : Mother

It is very wonderful program. By chance I came first time in my child program. All the management is very good. Very small children also participated in the function. This type of program is very necessary for children. I thank St. Xavierís school for encouraging the children.

Name : D. Paul Isaac Ward's Name : Master P. Ben Samuel Class : 4 'C' Relation : Father

The sports event is very well organized. The participants are very enthusiastic and vibrant. The colorful display by all the students showed the varied culture of India as well showed the environmental awareness among the students and teachers. Very good sporting spirit seen among the students. Excellent performance, excellent organizing of events. Truly delighted to see the school going forward as self being. An old Xavierian of 1985 batch. Keep it up and cheers to all of you.
Name : Gautam Rakesh Ward's Name : Ayush Rakesh Class : 1 'C' Relation : Father


This is the information technology, which has been very tack fully used by the school. That will benefit to hence the spirit of sports for the students of the school and also the others.
Name : Hermal Ekka Ward's Name : Harsh Estanisl Ekka Class : 2 'A' Relation : Father

Sports Activity is very good & students are very discipline. Sports activity is without chief guest, this we like very much. Time management is very nice.
Name : Sandeep Dutta Ward's Name : Anirban Dutta, Tuhin Dutta Class : 10 'B', 3 'B' Relation : Father

Itís the first time all the students are taking part in events. They all are well disciplined. Events are occurring as per time allotted. Co- ordination between students, teachers and other participants is very nice. Parents, groups & houses are encouraging the participants. It is also very good that the event is covered online.It is first time & big achievement.
Name : Dr. K. K. Bhagat Ward's Name : Avi Bhagat Class : 2 'A' Relation : Father

One part is ethical ways, which improves the students. Chipko movement, Spanish dance was very nice, teaches us secularism. Equity irrespective of any class or house. Hundred percentage participation. I am DOX and it is the mission of Fr. Ajit which made the achievement. 50 years event is the best thing which is happening. There are examples who brought glory to Jharkhand. Fr. Ajitís leadership is very good.
Name : Ajanta Ghosh Ward's Name : Swapnil Ghosh Class : 5 'A' Relation : Mother

Nice program is going on. Discipline in student and administration of school is very nice. Environment play is very nice. All programs are good. All senior and junior are together, that is good. Everyone is disciplined. Weather has also favored us.
Name : Kuldep Toppo Ward's Name : Anisht Toppo Class : Prep 'B' Relation : Father

All events are good. Best was bridal race, Macarena dance, and environmental play.
Name : Mrs. Keya Sen  Ward's Name : Soham Sen Class : 3 'C' Relation : Mother

Itís my pleasure to say something about St. Xavierís School. Thanks a lot for that. I like this school very much because Principal Fr. Ajit Kumar Xess is very good , very creative and nice person. His behavior towards parents is appreciable. All the teachers are also very caring and good. I am very much satisfied that my ward is studing here.
Thanks Keya Sen.
ĎBest wishes to St. Xavierís Schoolí
Name : Shreela Chaudhary Ward's Name : Devraj Chaudhary  Class : 5 'B' Relation : Mother

Very well organized event. Some parents are making disturbance. That was not nice. The weather is good today, otherwise because of rain, sports day would have been spoiled. Everything else is nice. I liked the environmental role play very much. We should save trees and our planet.



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